Month: March 2019

Notice of relocation of our monitoring station

We would like to express our appreciation for your continued support to Shinjuku Yoyogi Citizen Monitoring Station.

We inform you that our monitoring station is relocating.

We are determined to making further efforts in order to be of help for you.
We would like you to know how grateful we are for your additional guidance and cooperation with us.

New address
Chuo 2-48-4 Nakano, Tokyo Ogura building 1F
NPO Shinjuku Yoyogi Citizen Monitoring Station (appellation not changed)

New telephone number
TEL: 03-6821-3877
FAX: 03-3362-4695

Expected opening date
We will open our monitoring station on February 7 Thursday.
We will operate our activities on the current residence until January 18 Friday.

We will deal with new requests of monitoring and new inquiries from January 25, with e-mail on an individual basis.
After our relocation, our activities are expected to fall into arrears, so it might take a longer time than usual to give you reports about results of measurements.
Thank you for your understanding.

We made a list of results of measurement of yogurt.(November 2018)

We monitored yogurts which are commercially available, in November this year. The add-up of the results is below.

The unit is mBq/kg. Please be careful not to misread. If you click once on the table of the results, images will be magnified and get easier to see.

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