We put the resuts of monitoring urine from January to December 2018 together.
(N=269, We picked up the first result of those who had us monitor several times.
We totaled except 29 people of ND this time.
By tha way, when it’s supposed that all 29 persons are ZERO Bq/kg, the whole average will be 77mBq/kg

The following is the adding up of our questionnaire
◇About whether they (elementary school pupil) drink milk or not

Average of questionees
◇About how to eat school-provided lunch

Average of questionees
◇About home-grown food (those who live in Fukushima prefecture)

Average of questionees
◇Breakdown of the replies of 20 people living in Fukushima prefecture who have low results of detection(0<40mBq/kg)