About our monitoring station

Our object
Shinjuku Yoyogi Citizen Monitoring Station aims to protect Japanese people’s health by measuring accurately and precisely the levels of radioactive materials contained in food and things like that from a disinterested point of view and preventing damages of internal exposure by making the information of the results broadly known to public through the Internet and so on.

Our operation policy
We consider that we should offer accurate information (objective measured figures) that would be useful for the citizen’s making decision. We try to measure as precisely as possible and disclose the results in a matter-of-fact way. We never impose some subjective judgements (dangerous or safe) on people. We would like you citizens to judge for yourself.

Our monitoring station has been funded by donations and membership fees from citizens. Our monitoring station operates independently and freely. We are free of constraints of some particular companies or organizations, and we are doing our activities without any political or religious shackles. We think that we are trusted by citizens only when we monitor in a disinterested position.

Our policy of specimen materials
We mainly investigate food manufacturers’ products, and disclose the results with which you can compare the same category products.

In the days to come, we are going to widen the range of products, but now we make it a priority to investigate food products that infants and small children would consume.

We repeatedly reinvestigate some categories if we consider it necessary to investigate them.

Our history
We were determined that we must protect our families and people we cherish from the impact of radioactive materials from the 3.11 Fukushima nuclear disaster, and we citizens in general got together and opened the monitoring station in April 2012.

In April 2013, we made a transition into NPO in hope of further development, and in May we introduced a germanium semi-conductor detector GCD-60200. After an operational testing, we started providing consultation of measurements. Moreover, we began to monitor urine for persons who are worried about cesium accumulation in their bodies.

Equipment that we are using is listed below:
●Germanium semi-conductor detector: the first model modified GCD-60200
●Germanium semi-conductor detector: the second model GCD-70200
●NaI(TI)Scintillation detector GDM-20

Substances that we can monitor are listed below:
● Food, beverages
● Soil
● Urine
● Breastmilk